Abena Palmore

Abena Palmore is an Aveda trained, NYC based, licensed cosmetologist, Deva Advanced Stylist, Holistic Practitioner of Trichology specializing in natural hair.

Through my YouTube channel, Embrace Natural Beauty, I share simple tips and techniques that have been helpful to me in my own natural hair journey, that have helped me to maintain my hair, keep it in good condition and retain length which was my goal. I want you to maintain your own hair,  keep it in good condition and retain length, so that you enjoy your hair and embrace natural beauty of your own. Through videos and live broadcasts via Periscope and Facebook Live, I hope to educate you and help you to grow your natural hair to longer lengths by using low manipulation techniques and keeping a simple hair care regimen. I want to be a PART OF your natural hair journey and help you to MANAGE your hair towards its healthiest state.

My background

 I did the big chop on 8/30/2011. During the early stages of my natural hair journey I searched for a professional who could help me establish the right foundation. Unable to find that person, I decided to become the professional natural hair care specialist I wanted for myself. I began my cosmetology training in September 2011. Since then I have acquired my license, and certifications in other specialties to help address the needs of my core audience. My entire natural hair journey has been dedicated to helping others reach their hair goals and embrace natural beauty of their own.

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