Personal Hair Consultation

A personal hair consultation to give you everything you need to get on the right track.

Depending on the option you choose you’ll receive one or two 60-90 minute online video consultations to determine your top 3 hair concerns, your hair goals and current regimen. Your current products will also be evaluated. Also included is a brief health assessment to determine any health conditions that may have an effect on hair growth and overall health. Finally, based on the results of your consultation a 4 week hair care regimen will be developed.

If you choose to have a follow-up consultation your second one will be done after 4 weeks of being on your regimen. We’ll discuss the results of your regimen and progress and cover any additional issues that may have come up during the 4 week period.

Basic Personal Hair Consultations include:

Indepth Personal Hair Consultation include:


Hair Assessment: $15.00

Personal Hair Consultation $35.00

Follow-up Personal Hair Consultation $25


To Schedule a Hair Consultation email Erica at: